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Hi. My name is Bill Sebald. I’m the Founder and Managing Partner at Greenlane. Thank you for arriving here for more information. Let’s get right to it.

I’d like to introduce you to our company. And invite you to request a complimentary SEO and/or PPC audit. We would like to partner with you, and we know we need to earn it. If you’re interested, please fill out this form.

  • Please note: A PPC audit would require adding Greenlane to your Google Ads account. We would be happy to sign an NDA and coordinate anonymous access.
  • I will respond by email only. No phone calls. No unwanted mailing lists. No worries.


What can we do for you?

Greenlane is an SEM-focused digital marketing agency built for ecommerce. Sure, any agency can say that. But most agencies don’t have our experience or model.

The marketers at Greenlane have helped more than 100 well-known retailers. These are a few common ecommerce-based activities.

  • We help improve ROI from search engines. We are focused on more than just rankings and clicks.
  • We build holistic plans using all SEM channels to counter aggressive competition or marketplace shifts (which is quite important now with Covid-19).
  • Sometimes we help in-house teams with projects, and sometimes we run all the search marketing campaigns. We are flexible enough to fit most needs, even if it’s temporary.
  • We provide keyword optimization, internal linking, and content testing at scale.
  • We build out entirely new groups of pages that address a need/action that you might currently be missing.
  • We provide and build from conversion and search trend data, which helps your entire digital and merchandising team.

What can you expect each month?

Many competing agencies try to scale internally by hiring new marketers and giving clients the same deliverables. We are built to be the opposite of that model.

Instead, we are consultants building unique plans in full partnership with our clients. For example, let’s pretend you sell pet-related products. Our team will understand your goals, your funnel, your customers, and your roadblocks. We study the marketplace, seasonality, and personas.

Next, like a doctor, we’d explore the weak areas of your website, and prescribe an executable plan for improvement. With hundreds of options, this could call for a conversion rate optimization component, a content strategy opportunity, some specific PPC campaigns, and tweaking particular sections of architecture. The sky is the limit. We learn and build upon each campaign until we hit your goals.

Client Logos
Some of our great clients.

Our History

Greenlane started working in eCommerce in 2005. You may have read our articles on Moz and Practical Ecommerce. You may have heard about the free tools we’ve built to help SEOs everywhere optimize their enterprise SEO. Today we are recognized as SEM and eCommerce thought leaders and a top technical SEO firm.

I’d love to tell you more about us. And I’d love to give you a chance to see how we think. If you’d like to chat and learn more, you can use the chatbox below. Or email me at You may also like this list of frequently asked questions and our case studies.

If you’d be interested in a free SEO or PPC audit from my team, please let me know.

–  Bill Sebald, Founder and Managing Partner


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