Meet Our Team

Anthony Moore

Director of Organic Search

Anthony Moore

One day, Jeff Bezos bought and visited the company where Anthony worked as a web designer. A lightbulb went off, Anthony hung up his design hat, and he’s been in digital marketing ever since.

He knew of Greenlane long before he walked through our doors, and knew he’d make his way to our greener pastures eventually. To him, it’s all about job fulfillment. He gets it through helping businesses achieve their goals, especially noting the nuances of multiple industries and how their goals differ.

With extensive experience working with enterprise e-commerce brands, Anthony has the wisdom to provide strategies and ideas that really work. And he’s the only one who can do it while making Misfits lyric references.


Meet the rest of our team

These are the faces you’ll get to know very well. You might even forget they’re not part of your actual marketing team.