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Amy Mastrangelo

Amy Mastrangelo

Ever since she can remember, Amy was drawn to the magic of words and language. She was the competitive type who entered writing contests and was published in her first short story anthology when she was thirteen. For a brief period of time, she considered a career in Accounting. However, to no one’s surprise including her own, she ultimately pursued a B.A. in English from Lebanon Valley College. She also took several literature courses at London Metropolitan University in London, England.

Amy has a strong background in digital marketing, with an initial introduction to on-site content creation in the eCommerce space. She has written copy for everything from commercial ovens to air fresheners and has written several reviews of live theatrical performances to boot. Over time, she has found the ever-changing world of SEO to be a natural fit for her, as she continues to play with keywords in the realm of technical and creative language.

Her enthusiasm for learning new things and strengthening her skill set brought her to Greenlane, where she aims to stay up-to-date on the best SEO strategies that drive winning results. She also loves to read suspenseful books and watch scary movies. Amy has lived in Pennsylvania her entire life, growing up near the Hershey’s chocolate factory.

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